196 Sportsmen's Rd.
Youngwood, PA 15697
We now have acquired /leased 2 more properties to hunt on! Check them out by clicking on the PDF here.
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Board of Directors 2015

President................ Ed Sadler
Vice President....... John Dick (Fuzzy)
Secretary............... Mike Spychalski
Treasurer............... Don Mull
Field Captain......... Bob Bagdon
Past President........ Roger Davis


Bob Mull (1)
Kurt Eltringham  (1)

Tom Tabaka (2)
Wayne Newhouse (2)

History of the Club

It all began in the Spring of 1947 when there was the Robertshaw Recreational Association, Robertshaw Sportsmens Club and Bert Wright Protective Game Association. Bert Wright Protective Game Association merged with Robertshaw Sportsmens Club to form Robertshaw Sportsmens Association. Robertshaw had two traps, one at two different locations.
In November 1954 it was agreed that the Ass'n would rent the building and grounds (the present site) for $25.00/ month for 6 months trial period. The lease began January 1955 and it was agreed to incorporate. Due to incorporation legalities Mr. Robertshaw and Mr. Wright did not not allow the use of their names so the name Youngwood Sportsmens Association was put into use on March 29, 1955. On January 14, 1958 it was voted on to purchase our existing site for $7,000.00.
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